1. lactogenic inducing lactation
  2. lactogen any agent that enhances milk production
  3. somatogenic of or arising from physiological causes rather than being psychogenic in origin
  4. icterogenic producing jaundice
  5. Lake Tanganyika the longest lake in the world in central Africa between Tanzania and Congo in the Great Rift Valley
  6. haematogenic pertaining to the formation of blood or blood cells
  7. hematogenic pertaining to the formation of blood or blood cells
  8. teratogenic of or relating to substances or agents that can interfere with normal embryonic development
  9. linked genes any pair of genes that tend to be transmitted together
  10. photogenic looking attractive in photographs
  11. autogenic originating within the body
  12. lysogenic capable of producing or undergoing lysis
  13. get going begin or set in motion
  14. exogenic derived or originating externally
  15. locating a determination of the place where something is
  16. lake dwelling dwelling built on piles in or near a lake
  17. leave-taking the act of departing politely
  18. psychogenic of or relating to the psychological cause of a disorder
  19. collagenic relating to or consisting of collagen
  20. glycogenic of or relating to or involving glycogen

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