1. loose-jointed loosely articulated or constructed
  2. poignant keenly distressing to the mind or feelings
  3. disenchanted disappointed or let down
  4. unwanted not wanted
  5. disappointed sadly unsuccessful
  6. unwonted out of the ordinary
  7. close-minded not ready to receive to new ideas
  8. openhanded given or giving freely
  9. rose-tinted of a color tinged with rose
  10. tenanted resided in; having tenants
  11. fascinated having your attention fixated as though witchcraft
  12. lamented mourned or grieved for
  13. inundate fill or cover completely, usually with water
  14. open-ended without fixed limits or restrictions
  15. stunted inferior in size or quality
  16. honey-scented smelling of honey
  17. evenhanded without partiality
  18. opinionated obstinate in your opinions
  19. discontented showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing
  20. lemon-scented smelling of lemons