1. look like bear a physical resemblance to
  2. look-alike someone who closely resembles a famous person
  3. leechlike of plants or persons
  4. leglike resembling or functioning like a leg
  5. hooklike having or resembling a hook
  6. rocklike hard as granite
  7. lung-like performing functions similar to those performed by lungs
  8. milklike resembling milk in color not clear
  9. silklike having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light
  10. lash-like having or resembling a lash or whip (as does a flagellum)
  11. leaf-like resembling a leaf
  12. pouchlike shaped like a pouch
  13. beaklike resembling the beak of a bird
  14. lacelike made of or resembling lace
  15. ladylike befitting a woman of good breeding
  16. leaflike resembling a leaf
  17. lifelike evoking realistic images within the mind
  18. linelike resembling a line
  19. localise concentrate on a particular place or spot
  20. localize concentrate on a particular place or spot

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