1. live down live so as to annul some previous behavior
  2. lie down assume a reclining position
  3. loved one a person who you love, usually a member of your family
  4. letdown a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized
  5. have down have (something) mastered
  6. live on continue to live through hardship or adversity
  7. Laughton United States film actor (born in England) (1899-1962)
  8. livedo skin disorder characterized by patchy bluish discolorations on the skin
  9. livid furiously angry
  10. lay down institute, enact, or establish
  11. let down move something or somebody to a lower position
  12. lockdown the act of confining prisoners to their cells
  13. load down load with a pack
  14. low-down of the most contemptible kind
  15. live out live out one's life; live to the end
  16. lookdown similar to moonfish but with eyes high on the truncated forehead
  17. live in live in the house where one works
  18. liven make lively
  19. wolf down eat quickly
  20. weigh down exert a force with a heavy weight