1. lustrate purify by means of a ritual
  2. Reseda odorata Mediterranean woody annual widely cultivated for its dense terminal spikelike clusters greenish or yellowish white flowers having an intense spicy fragrance
  3. Listera ovata orchid having a pair of ovate leaves and a long slender raceme of green flowers sometimes tinged red-brown; Europe to central Asia
  4. blast trauma injury caused the explosion of a bomb
  5. Viola striata leafy-stemmed violet of eastern North America having large white or creamy flowers faintly marked with purple
  6. closet drama drama more suitable for reading that for performing
  7. Listera cordata orchid having two triangular leaves and a short lax raceme of green to rust-colored flowers with the lip flushed mauve; Europe and Asia and North America and Greenland
  8. fast track a rapid means of achieving a goal
  9. illustrate depict with a visual representation
  10. listed security a security that has been accepted for trading by one of the organized and registered securities exchanges in the US
  11. lesser whitethroat Old World warbler similar to the greater whitethroat but smaller
  12. lose track fail to keep informed or aware
  13. data rate the rate at which circuits or other devices operate when handling digital information
  14. castrate remove the testicles of a male animal
  15. Lost Tribes the ten Tribes of Israel that were deported into captivity in Assyria around 720 BC (leaving only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin)
  16. Listera genus of terrestrial orchids having usually a single pair of broad shining leaves near the middle of the stem; found in temperate Asia and North America and Europe
  17. Rosa odorata any of several hybrid bush roses derived from a tea-scented Chinese rose with pink or yellow flowers
  18. Blessed Trinity the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead
  19. listener someone who listens attentively
  20. titrate measure by by titration

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