1. line up form a line
  2. lineup a line of persons arranged by police for inspection or identification
  3. link up connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces
  4. linkup a fastener that serves to join or connect
  5. liven up make lively
  6. linear involving a single dimension
  7. lineage the kinship relation between an individual and progenitors
  8. line a length without breadth or thickness
  9. shine up ingratiate oneself to; often with insincere behavior
  10. linen a fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant
  11. lineal in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child
  12. Linotype a typesetting machine operated from a keyboard that casts an entire line as a single slug of metal
  13. Linear B a syllabic script used in Greece in the 13th century B.C.
  14. lingua a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity
  15. liner a protective covering that protects an inside surface
  16. lined having a lining or a liner; often used in combination
  17. linkboy (formerly) an attendant hired to carry a torch for pedestrians in dark streets
  18. ginep tropical American tree bearing a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp
  19. lindy hop an energetic American dance that was popular in the 1930s
  20. Linum a herbaceous plant genus of the family Linaceae with small sessile leaves