1. line score a summary of the scoring in a game (usually in tabular form)
  2. links course course consisting of a large landscaped area for playing golf
  3. discourse an extended communication dealing with some particular topic
  4. line storm a violent rainstorm near the time of an equinox
  5. genus Acorus sweet flags; sometimes placed in subfamily Acoraceae
  6. genus Grus type genus of the Gruidae: typical cranes
  7. lens cortex the tissue that surrounds the lens nucleus
  8. genus Acarus any of several mites of the order Acarina
  9. genus Achras tropical trees having papery leaves and large fruit
  10. genus Gerres type genus of the Gerreidae
  11. genus Corozo a monocotyledonous genus of tropical American palm trees
  12. scores a large number or amount
  13. genus Carissa Old World genus of tropical evergreen usually spiny shrubs
  14. genus Acris cricket frogs
  15. genus Grias anchovy pear tree
  16. venae sclerales tributaries of the anterior ciliary veins that drain the sclera of the eye
  17. cholinesterase an enzyme that hydrolyses acetylcholine
  18. Alpine scurvy a disease caused by deficiency of niacin or tryptophan
  19. genus Gerris type genus of the Gerrididae
  20. genus Cornus a rosid dicot genus of the family Cornaceae including: dogwood; cornel: perennial chiefly deciduous shrubs or small trees of temperate regions of northern hemisphere