1. caesural of or relating to a caesura
  2. like hell with great speed or effort or intensity
  3. surreal characterized by fantastic and incongruous imagery
  4. Bullock's oriole western subspecies of northern oriole
  5. Flexeril muscle relaxant used for muscle spasms or acute injury
  6. kestrel small North American falcon
  7. glycerol a sweet syrupy trihydroxy alcohol obtained by saponification of fats and oils
  8. ethereal characterized by lightness and insubstantiality
  9. likewise in like or similar manner
  10. like royalty in a royal manner
  11. uxorial befitting or characteristic of a wife
  12. glyceryl a trivalent radical derived from glycerol by removing the three hydroxyl radicals
  13. religious ritual a ceremony having religious meaning
  14. cereal grass whose starchy grains are used as food: wheat
  15. likeable easy to like; agreeable
  16. like crazy with great speed or effort or intensity
  17. lakeshore the shore of a lake
  18. luxuriate enjoy to excess
  19. sincerely without pretense
  20. lakeside the shore of a lake

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