1. light-colored having a relatively small amount of coloring agent
  2. watercolor water-soluble pigment
  3. liver-colored having a reddish-brown color
  4. watercolorist a painter who paints with watercolors
  5. water-color water-soluble pigment
  6. water cooler a device for cooling and dispensing drinking water
  7. leather carp scaleless domestic carp
  8. light reflex reflex contraction of the sphincter muscle of the iris in response to a bright light (or certain drugs) causing the pupil to become smaller
  9. watercolour water-soluble pigment
  10. liturgiology the study of liturgies
  11. bitter cress any of various herbs of the genus Cardamine, having usually pinnate leaves and racemes of white, pink or purple flowers; cosmopolitan except Antarctic
  12. water-colour water-soluble pigment
  13. watercolourist a painter who paints with watercolors
  14. tricolor having or involving three colors
  15. trochlearis either of the two cranial nerves on either side that control the superior oblique muscles of the eyes
  16. light colonel a commissioned officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines holding a rank above major and below colonel
  17. poster color pigment mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size and egg yolk
  18. Viola tricolor a common and long cultivated European herb from which most common garden pansies are derived
  19. Wintera colorata evergreen shrub or small tree whose foliage is conspicuously blotched with red and yellow and having small black fruits
  20. water glass a glass for drinking water