1. level off become level or even
  2. leveling the act of making equal or uniform
  3. leverage the mechanical advantage gained by a machine on a fulcrum
  4. love lyric the lyric of a love song
  5. love a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
  6. livelong (of time) constituting the full extent or duration
  7. lifelong continuing through life
  8. lifelike evoking realistic images within the mind
  9. low-voltage subjected to or capable of operating under relative low voltage
  10. level a relative position or degree of value in a graded group
  11. lever lock a lock whose tumblers are levers that must be raised to a given position so that the bolt can move
  12. lever hang a hang performed on the rings with the body stationary in a horizontal position
  13. Nouvelle Vague an art movement in French cinema in the 1960s
  14. malevolent wishing or appearing to wish evil to others
  15. leveller a radical who advocates the abolition of social distinctions
  16. leveler a radical who advocates the abolition of social distinctions
  17. levelheaded exercising or showing good judgment
  18. prolific intellectually productive
  19. lovely lovable especially in a childlike or naive way
  20. Lovelace English poet (1618-1857)

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