1. lay waste to cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
  2. listed on a list
  3. jest at subject to laughter or ridicule
  4. lustrate purify by means of a ritual
  5. gestate be pregnant with
  6. restate to say or perform again
  7. testate having made a legally valid will before death
  8. Listera genus of terrestrial orchids having usually a single pair of broad shining leaves near the middle of the stem; found in temperate Asia and North America and Europe
  9. estate extensive landed property retained by the owner
  10. sestet a group of six lines of verse
  11. aesthete one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art
  12. Cestidae coextensive with the order Cestida
  13. listeria any species of the genus Listeria
  14. rest day a day set aside for rest
  15. Cestida ctenophore having short tentacles; one family
  16. Cestoda tapeworms
  17. esthete one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
  18. leister a spear with three or more prongs; used for spearing fish
  19. stay at reside temporarily
  20. testudo a movable protective covering that provided protection from above; used by Roman troops when approaching the walls of a besieged fortification

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