1. list price the selling price of something as stated in a catalogue or price list; often subject to discounts
  2. lenten rose slightly hairy perennial having deep green leathery leaves and flowers that are ultimately purplish-green
  3. lansoprazole antacid that suppresses acid secretion in the stomach
  4. Lentibulariaceae carnivorous aquatic or bog plants: genera Utricularia, Pinguicula, and Genlisea
  5. silent person a person who does not talk
  6. tenth part a tenth part; one part in ten equal parts
  7. latent period the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it
  8. learned person someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field
  9. plant part any part of a plant or fungus
  10. fall into place become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions
  11. plant process a natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ
  12. entoparasite any of various parasites that live in the internal organs of animals (especially intestinal worms)
  13. Lindbergh United States aviator who in 1927 made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean (1902-1974)
  14. lentiform convex on both sides; shaped like a lentil
  15. blind person a person with a severe visual impairment
  16. Lepiota procera edible long-stalked mushroom with white flesh and gills and spores; found in open woodlands in autumn
  17. endoparasite any of various parasites that live in the internal organs of animals (especially intestinal worms)
  18. placenta previa pregnancy in which the placenta is implanted in the lower part of the uterus (instead of the upper part); can cause bleeding late in pregnancy; delivery by cesarean section may be necessary
  19. entoproct any of various moss-like aquatic animals usually forming branching colonies; each polyp having a both mouth and anus within a closed ring of tentacles
  20. Leontopodium edelweiss