1. explicit precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable
  2. sensibilize make sensitive or aware
  3. sensibilise make sensitive or aware
  4. sensibility mental responsiveness and awareness
  5. genus Polistes a genus of Vespidae
  6. genus Balistes type genus of the Balistidae
  7. lens implant a clear plastic lens that is implanted in the eye
  8. low explosive an explosive with a low rate of combustion
  9. genus Aplysia type genus of the family Aplysiidae
  10. genus Blissus chinch bugs
  11. genus Boletus type genus of Boletaceae
  12. genus Bellis daisy
  13. Lanius borealis a butcherbird of northern North America
  14. zona pellucida thick membrane around the mammalian ovum
  15. nonplussed filled with bewilderment
  16. lansoprazole antacid that suppresses acid secretion in the stomach
  17. venous blood blood found in the veins
  18. Balanus balanoides barnacle that attaches to rocks especially in intertidal zones
  19. Linus Pauling United States chemist who studied the nature of chemical bonding (1901-1994)
  20. genus Pulsatilla includes a group of plants that in some classifications are included in the genus Anemone: pasqueflowers