1. lemon rind the rind of a lemon
  2. lemon mint mint with leaves having perfume like that of the bergamot orange
  3. ignorant uneducated in general; lacking knowledge or sophistication
  4. legionary ant tropical nomadic ant that preys mainly on other insects
  5. moon-round resembling the moon in shape
  6. bacon rind the rind of bacon
  7. lemon curd a conserve with a thick consistency
  8. lemanderin hybrid between mandarin orange and lemon having very acid fruit with orange peel
  9. lemon-wood South African evergreen having hard tough wood
  10. lemonwood South African evergreen having hard tough wood
  11. moon around be idle in a listless or dreamy way
  12. lemon-scented smelling of lemons
  13. demon-ridden as if possessed by demons
  14. inherent existing as an essential constituent or characteristic
  15. domineering tending to rule in a cruel manner
  16. lemon geranium a common garden geranium with lemon-scented foliage
  17. memoranda a written proposal or reminder
  18. seminarian a student at a seminary
  19. lemonade sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice
  20. lemon zest tiny bits of lemon peel

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