1. legal fee a fee paid for legal service
  2. legalese a style that uses the abstruse technical vocabulary of the law
  3. legalize sanction or make permissible by law
  4. legal age the age at which persons are considered competent to manage their own affairs
  5. legalise make legal
  6. legal established by or founded upon law or official rules
  7. legality lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a statute
  8. legislative relating to a lawmaking assembly
  9. legally by law; conforming to the law
  10. leglike resembling or functioning like a leg
  11. long-life treated to stay fresh longer than usual
  12. legislate make laws or bills
  13. locale the scene of any event or action
  14. legless not having legs
  15. legal brief a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case
  16. legal fraud comprises all acts or omissions or concealments involving breach of equitable or legal duty or trust or confidence
  17. legacy a gift of personal property by will
  18. legalism strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit
  19. cleave separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
  20. legal code a code of laws adopted by a state or nation