1. leg of lamb lamb leg suitable for roasting
  2. loin of lamb meat from a loin of lamb
  3. rack of lamb a roast of the rib section of lamb
  4. cut of lamb cut of meat from a lamb
  5. glow lamp a gas-discharge tube with a hot cathode
  6. lagophthalmos abnormal condition in which an eye cannot close completely
  7. saddle of lamb backbone and both loins of a lamb
  8. gas lamp a lamp that burns illuminating gas
  9. megaflop a unit for measuring the speed of a computer system
  10. foglamp headlight that provides strong beam for use in foggy weather
  11. flambe pour liquor over and ignite (a dish)
  12. Davy lamp an oil lamp that will not ignite flammable gases (methane)
  13. breast of lamb a cut of lamb including the breastbone and attached muscles dressed as meat
  14. collage film a movie that juxtaposes different kinds of footage
  15. bench clamp a clamp used to hold work in place on a workbench
  16. set aflame set fire to; cause to start burning
  17. electric lamp a lamp powered by electricity
  18. neon lamp a lamp consisting of a small gas-discharge tube containing neon at low pressure; luminescence is produced by the action of currents at high frequencies that are wrapped a few turns around the tube
  19. flambeau a flaming torch (such as are used in processions at night)
  20. Zygophyllum usually tropical herbs or shrubs having ill-smelling foliage and flower buds that are used as capers: bean capers

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