1. lazy daisy stitch long chain stitches arranged in flower patterns
  2. saddle stitch a decorative overcast or running stitch, especially in a contrasting color
  3. list system based on the principle of proportional representation
  4. satin stitch flat stitches worked so closely as to resemble satin
  5. last-ditch of something done as a final recourse
  6. basting stitch a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together
  7. caste system social structure in which classes are determined by heredity
  8. half cross stitch a single cross stitch at a diagonal
  9. last straw an annoyance that stretches your patience beyond its limit
  10. size stick a mechanical measuring stick used by shoe fitters to measure the length and width of your foot
  11. blastocyst the blastula of a placental mammal in which some differentiation of cells has occurred
  12. garter stitch a knitting stitch that results in a pattern of horizontal ridges formed by knitting both sides (instead of purling one side)
  13. cross-stitch two stitches forming a cross or X
  14. faggot stitch the stitch that ties a group of parallel threads together in fagoting
  15. sewing stitch a stitch made with thread and a threaded sewing needle through fabric or leather
  16. slip stitch a loose stitch catching only a thread or two of fabric
  17. fagot stitch the stitch that ties a group of parallel threads together in fagoting
  18. knit stitch a basic knitting stitch
  19. lockstitch machine stitch in which the top thread interlocks with the bobbin thread
  20. Southeast Asia a geographical division of Asia that includes Indochina plus Indonesia and the Philippines and Singapore