1. last name the name used to identify the members of a family
  2. lasting lasting a long time without change
  3. plastinate preserve (tissue) with plastics, as for teaching and research purposes
  4. listener someone who listens attentively
  5. lanthanum a white soft metallic element that tarnishes readily
  6. listing the act of making an ordered array of items
  7. listen in listen quietly, without contributing to the conversation
  8. lustiness the property of being strong and healthy in constitution
  9. first name the name that precedes the surname
  10. labdanum a dark brown to greenish oleoresin that has a fragrant odor and is used as a fixative in perfumes; obtained as a juice from certain rockroses
  11. Lasthenia small genus of herbs of Pacific coast of North and South America
  12. surname the name used to identify the members of a family
  13. part name a word that names a part of a larger whole
  14. elastance the reciprocal of capacitance
  15. lastingly in an enduring or permanent manner
  16. Lusitanian of or relating to or characteristic of the region of Lusitania or its people or language
  17. glisten be shiny, as if wet
  18. last minute the latest possible moment
  19. last-minute just before a deadline; at the last minute
  20. lassitude a feeling of lack of interest or energy