1. landing net a bag-shaped fishnet on a long handle to take a captured fish from the water
  2. contingent determined by conditions or circumstances that follow
  3. landing deck the upper deck of an aircraft carrier; used as a runway
  4. contingency the state of being dependent on something
  5. land agent a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land
  6. landing stage platform from which passengers and cargo can be (un)loaded
  7. landing place structure providing a place where boats can land people or goods
  8. nothingness the state of nonexistence
  9. landing gear an undercarriage that supports the weight of the plane when it is on the ground
  10. quandong nut edible nutlike seed of the quandong fruit
  11. landing field a place where planes take off and land
  12. contingence a possible event or occurrence or result
  13. landing party a part of a ship's company organized for special duties ashore
  14. landing strip an airfield without normal airport facilities
  15. landing flap a flap on the underside of the wing that is lowered to slow the plane for landing
  16. landing skid one of two parts of the landing gear of a helicopter
  17. cantankerous stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate
  18. landing the act of coming to land after a voyage
  19. Lanthanotus one species
  20. condescending characteristic of those who treat others with arrogance