1. lac dye scarlet dye like cochineal
  2. locate determine the place of by searching or examining
  3. Lygaeidae lygaeid bugs
  4. locoweed any of several leguminous plants of western North America causing locoism in livestock
  5. LCD a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field; used for portable computer displays and watches etc.
  6. placate cause to be more favorably inclined
  7. lockout a management action resisting employee's demands
  8. legatee someone to whom a legacy is bequeathed
  9. low-keyed restrained in style or quality
  10. legate a member of a legation
  11. leucothoe any plant of the genus Leucothoe
  12. ligate bind with a bandage or ligature
  13. locket a small ornamental case usually worn on a necklace
  14. licked having been got the better of
  15. liked found pleasant or attractive; often used as a combining form
  16. lactose a sugar that occurs only in milk
  17. luck it act by relying on one's luck
  18. lactate give suck to
  19. lactase any of a group of enzymes (trade name Lactaid) that hydrolyze lactose to glucose and galactose
  20. lock out prevent employees from working during a strike

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