1. key signature the sharps or flats that follow the clef and indicate the key
  2. signature your name written in your own handwriting
  3. cosignatory signing jointly with others
  4. genus Acanthurus type genus of the Acanthuridae: doctorfishes
  5. signatory one who writes his or her name on and is bound by a document
  6. genus Chondrus a genus of protoctist
  7. genus Cantharellus a well-known genus of fungus
  8. designate design or destine
  9. time signature a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat
  10. contrast the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared
  11. caricature a representation of a person exaggerated for comic effect
  12. designative serving to designate
  13. enchantress a female sorcerer or magician
  14. designatum something that is referred to by a linguistic expression
  15. cosigner one of two or more signers of the same document
  16. sequenator (chemistry) an apparatus that can determine the sequence of monomers in a polymer
  17. compsognathus very small bipedal carnivorous dinosaur of the late Jurassic in Bavaria
  18. squandered not used to good advantage
  19. genus Erignathus bearded seals
  20. keynote address a speech setting forth the keynote