1. metropolitan relating to or characteristic of a large urban area
  2. cosmopolitan composed of people from many parts of the world
  3. gum terpentine obtained from conifers (especially pines)
  4. metropolis a large and densely populated urban area
  5. extrapolate draw from specific cases for more general cases
  6. Gastroboletus a genus of fungi belonging to the family Secotiaceae
  7. geometrician a mathematician specializing in geometry
  8. comparability qualities that are comparable
  9. commutability the quality of being commutable
  10. quarter plate a photographic plate measuring 3.25 inches by 4.25 inches
  11. counterplot a plot intended to subvert another plot
  12. geometric mean the mean of n numbers expressed as the n-th root of their product
  13. interpolate insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby
  14. geometrical characterized by simple geometric forms in design and decoration
  15. penetrability the quality of being penetrable
  16. metabolite any substance involved in metabolism
  17. anthropology science of the origins and social relationships of humans
  18. heteroploidy the condition of being heteroploid
  19. dimetrodon carnivorous dinosaur of the Permian in North America having a crest or dorsal sail
  20. heteroploid (genetics) an organism or cell having a chromosome number that is not an even multiple of the haploid chromosome number for that species