1. justice the quality of being fair, reasonable, or impartial
  2. just so in a careful manner
  3. Justice the U.S. department responsible for enforcing federal laws
  4. just as at the same time as
  5. austere of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor
  6. insidious working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way
  7. assiduous marked by care and persistent effort
  8. justify show to be right by providing proof
  9. ecstasy a state of elated bliss
  10. astute marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
  11. assets anything of material value owned by a person or company
  12. justness the quality of being just or fair
  13. East Sea an arm of the Pacific between China and Japan
  14. just and nothing more
  15. esoteric understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
  16. astasia inability to stand due to muscular incoordination
  17. acetose tasting or smelling like vinegar
  18. just now only a moment ago
  19. Isatis Old World genus of annual to perennial herbs: woad
  20. oast house a building containing an oast