1. junior high school a secondary school usually including 7th and 8th grades
  2. junior school British school for children aged 7-11
  3. senior high school a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12
  4. junior class penultimate class in high school or college
  5. interschool used of competition or cooperation between secondary schools
  6. junior status in a junior position
  7. jeweler's glass an optical instrument used by jewelers
  8. genus Aesculus deciduous trees or some shrubs of North America
  9. junior college a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree
  10. unschooled lacking in schooling
  11. genus Squalus spiny dogfishes
  12. genus Coleus genus of Old World tropical plants cultivated for their variegated leaves; various plants sometimes placed in genera Plectranthus or Solenostemon
  13. genus Eacles imperial moths
  14. genus Gallus common domestic birds and related forms
  15. genus Glis type genus of the Gliridae
  16. genus Quiscalus grackles
  17. Anacyclus a Spanish pellitory
  18. minor scale a diatonic scale with notes separated by whole tones except for the 2nd and 3rd and 5th and 6th
  19. senior class final grade or class in high school or college
  20. Cnidoscolus a genus of perennial plant with bristles