1. aspersion a disparaging remark
  2. Jasminum mesnyi evergreen rambling yellow-flowered shrub of western China
  3. common person a person who holds no title
  4. small person a person of below average size
  5. aspiration a cherished desire
  6. off-line operation a operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit
  7. personification attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas
  8. aminopyrine a white crystalline substance used as an analgesic and antipyretic
  9. machine operation an elementary operation that a computer is designed and built to perform
  10. Jespersen Danish linguist (1860-1943)
  11. in operation being in effect or operation
  12. businessperson a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise
  13. juvenile person a young person, not fully developed
  14. ambrosian worthy of the gods
  15. famous person a widely known person
  16. female person a person who belongs to the sex that can have babies
  17. inebriation a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol
  18. Ambrosian of or by or relating to Saint Ambrose
  19. in person in the flesh; without involving anyone else
  20. sick person a person suffering from an illness

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