When you interpolate words into a text, you alter the text by adding words in. If you’re describing your favorite novelist's work, you might interpolate a few examples of her writing into your description.

If you constantly interpolate your own snide comments into your sister's play-by-play account of an important basketball game, don't be surprised if she asks you to knock it off. In math, to interpolate means to estimate the value of something given certain data. If you’re looking at a chart that gives the level of pollutants in a lake on January 1st and February 1st, you must interpolate the level for January 15th.

Primary Meanings of interpolate

insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby
estimate the value of
Full Definitions of interpolate

v insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby

alter, falsify
Type of:
edit, redact
prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

v estimate the value of

Type of:
calculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, work out
make a mathematical calculation or computation

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