1. interior live oak a small shrubby evergreen tree of western North America similar to the coast live oak but occurring chiefly in foothills of mountain ranges removed from the coast; an important part of the chaparral
  2. anterior synechia adhesion between the iris and the cornea
  3. interlock coordinate or join up so that all parts work together
  4. anteriorly in an anterior direction
  5. interior design the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior
  6. interlink be interwoven or interconnected
  7. interrogative relating to sentences that ask a question
  8. Interlingua an artificial language proposed for use as an auxiliary international language; based on words common to English and the Romance languages
  9. interior monologue a literary genre that presents a fictional character's sequence of thoughts in the form of a monologue
  10. interleaf a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book
  11. interiorize incorporate within oneself; make subjective or personal
  12. interleave intersperse alternately, as of protective covers for book illustrations
  13. inter alia among other things
  14. interiorise incorporate within oneself; make subjective or personal
  15. interpretive providing explanation
  16. interpolate insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby
  17. interrogatively in a questioning format
  18. interpersonal occurring among or involving several people
  19. interactive capable of influencing each other
  20. interlinear written between lines of text