1. interior door a door that closes off rooms within a building
  2. anterior root one of two the two roots of a spinal nerve that passes ventrally from the spinal cord and that consists of motor fibers
  3. interrogator a questioner who is excessively harsh
  4. exterior door a doorway that allows entrance to or exit from a building
  5. interpreter someone who mediates between speakers of different languages
  6. underwriter an agent who sells insurance
  7. interiority the quality or state of being inside
  8. interrogatory relating to the use of or having the nature of an interrogation
  9. interlocutor a person who takes part in a conversation
  10. intermediary a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
  11. interrupter a device for automatically interrupting an electric current
  12. anteriority preceding in time
  13. interior designer a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings
  14. interoceptor any receptor that responds to stimuli inside the body
  15. interior design the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior
  16. intruder someone who enters a place or situation without permission
  17. interpret make sense of; assign a meaning to
  18. interior inside and toward a center
  19. anterior of or near the head end or toward the front plane of a body
  20. interlocutory consisting of dialogue