If you're unsure of whether to buy the car, you may ask for more information about it. Information is knowledge you gain from studying, investigating, or experiencing something.

If your brother unfairly accuses you of finishing the ice cream that was in the freezer, you might respond by saying, "For your information, it was already gone when I got home!" You are conveying information to your brother, but in an annoyed and sarcastic way. Sarcastic or not, information is related to the word inform, whose Latin roots, in and form, basically mean what they sound like: "form into." When you gain information, you are forming an idea.

Primary Meanings of information

knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
(communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome
formal accusation of a crime
Full Definitions of information

n knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction

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data point, datum
an item of factual information derived from measurement or research
acquaintance, conversance, conversancy, familiarity
personal knowledge or information about someone or something
a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred
example, illustration, instance, representative
an item of information that is typical of a class or group
circumstance, condition, consideration
information that should be kept in mind when making a decision
background, background knowledge
information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem
a piece of stored information that is used to identify an item in an information storage and retrieval system
evidence, grounds
your basis for belief or disbelief; knowledge on which to base belief
information that supports a probabilistic estimate of future events
inside information that something is going to happen
input, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus
any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action
indication, meter reading, reading
a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument
the actual state of things
detail, item, point
an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole
particular, specific
a fact about some part (as opposed to general)
a fact about the whole (as opposed to particular)
matter of fact
a matter that is an actual fact or is demonstrable as a fact
facts learned by observing
a fact that logically justifies some premise or conclusion
the facts about an actual situation
a fact that has been verified
apology, excuse
a poor example
exception, outlier
an instance that does not conform to a rule or generalization
case in point, precedent
an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time
the most typical example or representative of a type
a small part of something intended as representative of the whole
an example regarded as typical of its class
something (such as a fact or circumstance) that shows an action to be reasonable or necessary
mitigating circumstance
(law) a circumstance that does not exonerate a person but which reduces the penalty associated with the offense
probable cause
(law) evidence sufficient to warrant an arrest or search and seizure
cogent evidence, proof
any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of something
disproof, falsification, refutation
any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something
lead, track, trail
evidence pointing to a possible solution
elicitation, evocation, induction
stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors
the sudden stimulation provided by strong drink (or certain drugs)
something causing excitement or stimulating interest
negative stimulation, turnoff
something causing antagonism or loss of interest
conditioned stimulus
the stimulus that is the occasion for a conditioned response
reinforcement, reinforcer, reinforcing stimulus
(psychology) a stimulus that strengthens or weakens the behavior that produced it
cue, discriminative stimulus
a stimulus that provides information about what to do
positive stimulus
a stimulus with desirable consequences
negative stimulus
a stimulus with undesirable consequences
a datum that can be represented numerically
(medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
(medicine) any objective evidence of the presence of a disorder or disease
Type of:
cognition, knowledge, noesis
the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning

n a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn

accounting data
all the data (ledgers and journals and spreadsheets) that support a financial statement; can be hard copy or machine readable
data about data
raw data
unanalyzed data; data not yet subjected to analysis
Type of:
accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, collection
several things grouped together or considered as a whole

n a message received and understood

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information that can be used to attack or defend a claim or argument or viewpoint
something resembling a fact; unverified (often invented) information that is given credibility because it appeared in print
information that is incorrect
information (data or ideas or observations) that can be used or reworked into a finished form
details, inside information
true confidential information
a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened
data format, data formatting, format, formatting
the organization of information according to preset specifications (usually for computer processing)
informal term for information
an organized body of related information
intelligence, news, tidings, word
information about recent and important events
informal information of any kind that is not previously known to someone
nuts and bolts
detailed practical information about how something works or how something can be accomplished
intelligence, intelligence information
secret information about an enemy (or potential enemy)
information that confirms or verifies
insider information
important information about the plans or condition of a corporation that has not been released to the public; use for personal profit is illegal
arcanum, secret
information known only to a special group
something that should remain hidden from others (especially information that is not to be passed on)
information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause
course of study, curriculum, program, programme, syllabus
an integrated course of academic studies
information reported in a newspaper or news magazine
(law) all the means by which any alleged matter of fact whose truth is investigated at judicial trial is established or disproved
read-out, readout
the information displayed or recorded on an electronic device
tabular matter, tabulation
information set out in tabular form
confidential information about a topic or person
information in some unspecified form
report, report card
a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment
list, listing
a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
computer database, electronic database, electronic information service, on-line database
(computer science) a database that can be accessed by computers
misinformation resulting from the recirculation into the source country of disinformation previously planted abroad by that country's intelligence service
misinformation that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse rivals (foreign enemies or business competitors etc.)
old material that is slightly reworked and used again
dope, low-down, poop, the skinny
slang terms for inside information
book, record, record book
a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone
high-level formatting
(computer science) the format for the root directory and the file allocation tables and other basic configurations
initialisation, initialization, low-level formatting
(computer science) the format of sectors on the surface of a hard disk drive so that the operating system can access them and setting a starting position
subdata base
a subset of data in a database that are used in a specific application
basics, rudiments
a statement of fundamental facts or principles
index, index number, indicant, indicator
a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts; can reveal relative changes as a function of time
military intelligence
information about the armed forces of another country that is useful in planning and conducting military policy or military operations
good word
good news
the most recent news or development
news that updates your information
reenforcement, reinforcement
information that makes more forcible or convincing
certification, corroboration, documentation
confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence
a secret that is confided or entrusted to another
secrets known only to an initiated minority
cabala, cabbala, cabbalah, kabala, kabbala, kabbalah, qabala, qabalah
an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret
open secret
something that is supposed to be secret but is generally known
countersign, parole, password, watchword, word
a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group
trade secret
a secret (method or device or formula) that gives a manufacturer an advantage over the competition
political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema
material suitable for a journalistic account
crash course, crash program, crash programme
a rapid and intense course of training or research (usually undertaken in an emergency)
reading program
a program designed to teach literacy skills
degree program
a course of study leading to an academic degree
business news
news about businesses and investments
account, news report, report, story, write up
a short account of the news
a broadcast of news or commentary on the news
coverage, reportage, reporting
the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television
hard news
news that deals with serious topics or events
soft news
news that does not deal with serious topics or events
stop press
late news that is inserted into the newspaper at the last minute
an object or statement produced before a court of law and referred to while giving evidence
a solemn statement made under oath
corpus delicti
the body of evidence that constitute the offence; the objective proof that a crime has been committed (sometimes mistakenly thought to refer to the body of a homicide victim)
direct evidence
evidence (usually the testimony of a witness) directly related to the fact in dispute
circumstantial evidence, indirect evidence
evidence providing only a basis for inference about the fact in dispute
corroborating evidence
additional evidence or evidence of different kind that supports a proof already offered in a proceeding
hearsay evidence
evidence based on what someone has told the witness and not of direct knowledge
state's evidence
evidence for the prosecution in criminal proceedings
Type of:
content, message, subject matter, substance
what a communication that is about something is about

n (communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome

“the signal contained thousands of bits of information
entropy, selective information
Type of:
information measure
a system of measurement of information based on the probabilities of the events that convey information

n formal accusation of a crime

Type of:
accusal, accusation
a formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt

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