1. industrious characterized by hard work and perseverance
  2. industriously in an industrious manner
  3. industry the action of making of goods and services for sale
  4. industrialized made industrial; converted to industrialism
  5. industrialised made industrial; converted to industrialism
  6. industrialize organize into systematic production or manufacture
  7. industriousness persevering determination to perform a task
  8. industrialise organize (the production of something) into an industry
  9. industrialism an economic system built around large-scale manufacturing
  10. industrially by industrial means
  11. industrialist someone who manages or has significant financial interest in an industrial enterprise
  12. industrial of or relating to commercial enterprise
  13. industry analyst an analyst of conditions affecting a particular industry
  14. industrial park a tract of land at a distance from city center that is designed for a cluster of businesses and factories
  15. industrial bank a finance company that makes small loans to industrial workers
  16. antistrophic of or relating to an antistrophe
  17. undestroyable not capable of being destroyed
  18. unindustrialized not converted to industrialism
  19. unindustrialised not converted to industrialism
  20. industrialisation the development of industry on an extensive scale