1. incredulous not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
  2. natural selection a process in which organisms evolve to adapt to environment
  3. ungradable opposition an opposition that has no intermediate grade
  4. predilection a predisposition in favor of something
  5. incredulously in a disbelieving manner
  6. incredible amazing; extraordinarily good or great
  7. biodegradable pollution pollution that is rendered harmless by natural processes and so causes no permanent harm
  8. introspection contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct
  9. general election a vote conducted at the national or state level
  10. inflatable cushion a cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated
  11. intellection the process of using your mind to consider something carefully
  12. interreflection reciprocal reflection between two reflecting surfaces
  13. intersection the act of meeting at a point
  14. angle of reflection the angle between a reflected ray and a line perpendicular to the reflecting surface at the point of incidence
  15. incredibleness the quality of being incredible
  16. concrete representation a representation of an abstract idea in concrete terms
  17. implication something that is inferred
  18. credit application an application for a line of credit
  19. edible sea urchin a sea urchin that can be eaten
  20. nonbiodegradable pollution pollution that accumulates in the environment and may appear in the food chain