1. incidental expense (frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified
  2. interest expense interest paid on loans
  3. incidental music music composed to accompany the action of a drama or to fill intervals between scenes
  4. instantaneousness the quickness of action or occurrence
  5. personal expense the cost of personal or family living
  6. incidental minor or casual or subordinate in significance or nature
  7. incidentally by the way (used to introduce a new topic)
  8. Encyclia tampensis orchid of Florida and the Bahamas having showy brightly colored flowers; sometimes placed in genus Epidendrum
  9. instantaneous occurring with no delay
  10. medical expense amount spent for diagnosis or treatment or prevention of medical problems
  11. instantaneously without any delay
  12. exponential expression a mathematical expression consisting of a constant (especially e) raised to some power
  13. at any expense regardless of the cost involved
  14. operating expense the expense of maintaining property
  15. Impatiens capensis North American annual plant with usually yellow or orange flowers; grows chiefly on wet rather acid soil
  16. business expense ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in a taxpayer's business or trade
  17. coefficient of expansion the fractional change in length or area or volume per unit change in temperature at a given constant pressure
  18. incidence angle the angle that a line makes with a line perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence
  19. travel expense (frequently plural) expenses incurred by an employee in the performance of the job and usually reimbursed by the employer
  20. trade expense ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in a taxpayer's business or trade