1. in the altogether (used informally) completely unclothed
  2. altogether to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent
  3. intellectual of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind
  4. huddle together crowd or draw together
  5. all together used of a group whose members acted or were acted upon collectively and when `all' and `together' can be separated by other words
  6. introductory serving to open or begin
  7. undulatory theory (physics) the theory that light is transmitted as waves
  8. band together form a group or unite
  9. add together make an addition by combining numbers
  10. intellect knowledge and mental ability
  11. instigator someone who deliberately foments trouble
  12. investigator someone who inquires carefully
  13. throw together produce shoddily, without much attention to detail
  14. indicator a device for showing the operating condition of some system
  15. get together get people together
  16. cobble together put together hastily
  17. put together create by putting components or members together
  18. stick together be loyal to one another, especially in times of trouble
  19. investigatory designed to find information or ascertain facts
  20. unadulterated without qualification

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