1. in loco parentis in place of the parents
  2. incoherently in an incoherent manner
  3. incoherent without logical or meaningful connection
  4. ineloquently without eloquence; in an inarticulate manner
  5. unapparent not readily apparent
  6. unparented having no parent or parents or not cared for by parent surrogates
  7. intaglio printing a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate
  8. genus Coprinus genus of black-spotted agarics in which the cap breaks down at maturity into an inky fluid; sometimes placed in its own family Coprinaceae
  9. inelegantly without elegance
  10. inexperient lacking practical experience or training
  11. inelegant lacking in refinement or grace or good taste
  12. nickel bronze a bronze containing up to 30% nickel
  13. genus Copernicia slow-growing tropical fan palms
  14. genus Paranthias a genus of Serranidae
  15. genus Agapornis a genus of Psittacidae
  16. Golgi apparatus a netlike structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells
  17. Seriola grandis large game fish of Australia and New Zealand
  18. Antilocapridae comprising only the pronghorns
  19. Poitou-Charentes a low-lying region of west central France on the Bay of Biscay
  20. Black Prince son of Edward III who defeated the French at Crecy and Poitiers in the Hundred Years' War (1330-1376)

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