1. ultimateness the state or degree of being ultimate
  2. illicitness the quality of not conforming strictly to law
  3. immediateness the quickness of action or occurrence
  4. committedness the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose
  5. animateness the property of being animated
  6. relatedness a particular manner of connectedness
  7. slow-wittedness the quality of being mentally slow and limited
  8. altitudinous indefinitely high; lofty
  9. bullheadedness resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires
  10. affectedness the quality of being false or artificial
  11. enamoredness a feeling of love or fondness
  12. wholeheartedness the quality of hearty sincerity
  13. eruditeness profound scholarly knowledge
  14. mediateness the quality of being mediate
  15. warmheartedness a warmhearted feeling
  16. spiritedness quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous
  17. Elodea densa aquatic plant with deep green foliage useful to oxygenate an aquarium; sometimes placed in genus Egeria
  18. indebtedness an obligation to pay money to another party
  19. feeblemindedness severe mental deficiency
  20. noble-mindedness elevated ideals or conduct

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