1. laudably in an admirable manner
  2. inaudibly in an inaudible manner
  3. laudable worthy of high praise
  4. applaudable worthy of high praise
  5. allowably in a permissible manner
  6. illegibly in an illegible manner
  7. immutably in an unalterable and unchangeable manner
  8. inaudible impossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear
  9. palatably in a palatable way
  10. Old Bailey the central criminal court in London
  11. audibly in a manner that is heard
  12. allocable capable of being distributed
  13. allowable that may be permitted especially as according to rule
  14. illegible unable to be read
  15. immutable not subject or susceptible to change or variation
  16. irritably in a petulant manner
  17. palatable acceptable to the taste or mind
  18. foldable capable of being folded up and stored
  19. moldable capable of being molded or modeled
  20. wild apple any of numerous wild apple trees usually with small acidic fruit

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