1. house arrest confinement to your own home
  2. house guest a guest entertained in your house
  3. houseguest a guest entertained in your house
  4. headrest a rest for the head
  5. high priest a senior clergyman and dignitary
  6. housemaster teacher in charge of a school boardinghouse
  7. house agent a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land
  8. housecraft skill in domestic management
  9. tsarist of or relating to or characteristic of a czar
  10. Hoosier State a state in midwestern United States
  11. Jose Orozco Mexican painter noted for his monumental murals (1883-1949)
  12. hazardous involving risk or danger
  13. house wren common American wren that nests around houses
  14. housepaint paint used to cover the exterior woodwork of a house
  15. mouse nest where mice bear and raise their young
  16. hazard an unpredictable phenomenon that causes a certain result
  17. tzarist of or relating to or characteristic of a czar
  18. housemate someone who resides in the same house with you
  19. house-trained (of pets) trained to urinate and defecate outside or in a special place
  20. house-raising construction by a group of neighbors