1. holiday season a time when many people take holidays
  2. holiday resort a hotel located in a resort area
  3. hold one's own be sufficiently competent in a certain situation
  4. hockey season the season when hockey is played
  5. horse sense sound practical judgment
  6. halitosis offensive breath
  7. maliciousness feeling a need to see others suffer
  8. deliciousness extreme appetizingness
  9. melodiousness the property of having a melody
  10. silly season a time usually late summer characterized by exaggerated news stories about frivolous matters for want of real news
  11. high season the season when travel is most active and rates are highest
  12. worldly possessions all the property that someone possess
  13. judiciousness good judgment
  14. high treason a crime that undermines the offender's government
  15. holiness the quality of being holy
  16. in due season at the appropriate time
  17. quarter sessions a local court with criminal jurisdiction and sometimes administrative functions
  18. Heliothis zia medium-sized moth whose larvae are corn earworms
  19. holistic emphasizing the organic relation between parts and the whole
  20. solidness the consistency of a solid