1. hold out wait uncompromisingly for something desirable
  2. holdout a negotiator who hopes to gain concessions by refusing to come to terms
  3. sold-out sold completely in advance
  4. hole out hit the ball into the hole
  5. foldout an oversize page that is folded in to a book or magazine
  6. doled out given out in portions
  7. hold off wait before acting
  8. hand out give to several people
  9. help out be of help, as in a particular situation of need
  10. handout giving money or food or clothing to a needy person
  11. hold up be the physical support of; carry the weight of
  12. hold on hold firmly
  13. hideout a hiding place; usually a remote place used by outlaws
  14. bolt out leave suddenly and as if in a hurry
  15. hold down restrain
  16. holibut marine food fish of the northern Atlantic or northern Pacific; the largest flatfish and one of the largest teleost fishes
  17. holdup the act of delaying
  18. hold-down a limitation or constraint
  19. hollow out remove the interior of
  20. holler out shout out