1. hit man a professional killer who uses a gun
  2. hitman a professional killer who uses a gun
  3. headman the head of a tribe or clan
  4. hodman a laborer who carries supplies to masons or bricklayers
  5. adamant very hard native crystalline carbon valued as a gem
  6. Whitman United States poet who celebrated the greatness of America
  7. pitman someone who works in a coal mine
  8. Pitman English educator who invented a system of phonetic shorthand
  9. hotelman an owner or manager of hotels
  10. human a person; a hominid with a large brain and articulate speech
  11. white man a man who is White
  12. histamine amine formed from histidine that stimulates gastric secretions and dilates blood vessels; released by the human immune system during allergic reactions
  13. ottoman a low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person
  14. city man a financier who works in one of the banks in the City of London
  15. Ottoman of or relating to the Ottoman Empire or its people or its culture
  16. hired man a hired laborer on a farm or ranch
  17. hanuman langur of southern Asia; regarded as sacred in India
  18. batman an orderly assigned to serve a British military officer
  19. handyman a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks
  20. Hanuman in Hinduism, the monkey god and helper of Rama

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