1. hostilities fighting; acts of overt warfare
  2. history lesson a lesson in the facts of history
  3. historicalness significance owing to its history
  4. histrionics a performance of a play
  5. historied having an illustrious past
  6. Austerlitz a town in Czech Republic
  7. Castoroides extinct beavers of the Pleistocene
  8. hysterics an attack of hysteria
  9. hysteresis the lagging of an effect behind its cause
  10. history a record or narrative description of past events
  11. Strelitzia small genus of large perennial evergreen herbs having leaves resembling those of banana plants; sometimes placed in family Musaceae
  12. Australasia Australia, New Zealand, and neighboring islands in the South Pacific
  13. Israelites the ethnic group claiming descent from Abraham and Isaac
  14. Hystricidae Old World porcupines
  15. sterility the state of being free of pathogenic organisms
  16. historical of or relating to the study of recorded time
  17. sterilized made infertile
  18. lusterless lacking brilliance or vitality
  19. military leader a leader of military forces
  20. sterilised made infertile