1. hipped roof a roof having sloping ends as well as sloping sides
  2. hypothesis a tentative insight that is not yet verified or tested
  3. Hippotragus sable antelopes
  4. hypodermis layer of cells that secretes the chitinous cuticle in e.g. arthropods
  5. hippodrome a stadium for horse shows or horse races
  6. hip roof a roof having sloping ends as well as sloping sides
  7. Hippocrates medical practitioner who is regarded as the father of medicine; author of the Hippocratic oath (circa 460-377 BC)
  8. Hipposideros horseshoe bats
  9. hypertrophy abnormal enlargement of a body part or organ
  10. Hipparchus Greek astronomer and mathematician who discovered the precession of the equinoxes and made the first known star chart and is said to have invented trigonometry (second century BC)
  11. Hippocrepis species of Old World herbs or subshrubs: horseshoe vetch
  12. hypothyroidism an underactive thyroid gland
  13. hit the roof get very angry and fly into a rage
  14. Hippo Regius an ancient Numidian town in northwestern Africa adjoining present-day Annaba in northeastern Algeria
  15. hypodermic a piston syringe that is fitted with a needle for injections
  16. hoped-for expected hopefully
  17. hypertrophied (of an organ or body part) excessively enlarged as a result of increased size in the constituent cells
  18. interface a surface forming a common boundary between two things
  19. subterfuge something intended to misrepresent the nature of an activity
  20. hypothermia subnormal body temperature