1. high-yield bond a bond with a credit rating of BB or lower
  2. hand puppet a puppet with a cloth body and hollow head
  3. highly-developed (used of societies) having high industrial development
  4. high-stepped having or moving with a high step
  5. high-altitude occurring at or from a relative high altitude
  6. wild potato erect or spreading perennial of southwestern United States and Mexico bearing small pale brown to cream-colored tubers resembling potatoes
  7. field poppy annual European poppy common in grain fields and often cultivated
  8. gold plate a thin plating of gold on something
  9. wild peanut vine widely distributed in eastern North America producing racemes of purple to maroon flowers and abundant (usually subterranean) edible one-seeded pods resembling peanuts
  10. high-topped (of shoes or boots) having relatively high uppers
  11. salad plate a plate or bowl for individual servings of salad
  12. high blood pressure a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater)
  13. higgledy-piggledy in a disordered manner
  14. Hildebrand the Italian pope who fought to establish the supremacy of the pope over the Roman Catholic Church and the supremacy of the church over the state (1020-1085)
  15. melody pipe reed pipe with finger holes on which the melody is played
  16. field pussytoes a variety of pussytoes
  17. glide path the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing
  18. gold-plate plate with gold
  19. toilet paper a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets
  20. field-pea plant variety of pea plant native to the Mediterranean region and North Africa and widely grown especially for forage