1. hieratic script a cursive form of Egyptian hieroglyphics
  2. Demotic script a simplified cursive form of the ancient hieratic script
  3. Aramaic script an alphabetical (or perhaps syllabic) script used since the 9th century BC to write the Aramaic language; many other scripts were subsequently derived from it
  4. syllabic script a writing system whose characters represent syllables
  5. transcript a written record of dictated or recorded speech
  6. alphabetic script a writing system based on alphabetic characters
  7. postscript a note appended to a letter after the signature
  8. Hebrew script a Semitic alphabet used since the 5th century BC for writing the Hebrew language (and later for writing Yiddish and Ladino)
  9. nondescript lacking distinct or individual characteristics
  10. head gasket a gasket to seal a cylinder head
  11. Ceratitis capitata small black-and-white fly that damages citrus and other fruits by implanting eggs that hatch inside the fruit
  12. shooting script the final detailed script for making a movie or TV program
  13. cursive script rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper
  14. cerotic acid a white solid fatty acid found in waxes (such as beeswax)
  15. typescript typewritten matter especially a typewritten copy of a manuscript
  16. prescript prescribed guide for conduct or action
  17. keratoscope medical instrument to examine the cornea in order to detect irregularities in its anterior surface
  18. keratoscopy examination of the cornea with a keratoscope to detect irregularities in its anterior surface
  19. rescript the act of rewriting something
  20. adscript written or printed immediately following another character and aligned with it