1. headlinese using the abbreviated style of headline writers
  2. head linesman a football official in charge of recording yardage gained or lost
  3. handling cost the cost of handling
  4. heedlessness a lack of attentiveness (as to children or helpless people)
  5. laying waste destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined
  6. deadliness the quality of being deadly
  7. Stalinist a follower of Stalin and Stalinism
  8. headland a natural elevation
  9. pyroligneous acid a red-brown liquid formed in distillation of wood which contains acetic acid, methanol, acetone, wood oils, and tars
  10. Old Line State a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
  11. Italian sonnet a sonnet consisting of an octave with the rhyme pattern abbaabba, followed by a sestet with the rhyme pattern cdecde or cdcdcd
  12. Hadrian's Wall an ancient Roman wall built by Hadrian in the 2nd century
  13. human waste the body wastes of human beings
  14. Bertillon system a system or procedure for identifying persons
  15. headliner a performer who receives prominent billing
  16. headless not having a head or formed without a head
  17. headline the heading or caption of a newspaper article
  18. telephone system a communication system that transmits sound between distant points
  19. delineated represented accurately or precisely
  20. homeliness an appearance that is not attractive or beautiful

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