1. hard rubber a hard nonresilient rubber formed by vulcanizing natural rubber
  2. hard worker someone who works as hard as a slave
  3. hairdresser someone who cuts or beautifies hair
  4. Para rubber a type of natural rubber obtained from tropical South American trees
  5. hair trigger a gun trigger that responds with little pressure
  6. paratrooper a soldier who is trained to jump from airplanes
  7. cold rubber a rubber made at low temperatures (5 degrees Centigrade) which is tougher than conventional rubber and is often used in car tires
  8. hardware error error resulting from a malfunction of some physical component of the computer
  9. armed robbery robbery at gunpoint
  10. hard water water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap
  11. graverobber someone who steals valuables from graves or crypts
  12. hardcover having a hard back or cover
  13. hardliner a politician who is uncompromising on a position or policy
  14. hardware tools or implements made of metal
  15. hard cider alcoholic drink from fermented cider
  16. heartthrob an object of infatuation
  17. hard rush tall rush of temperate regions
  18. herb robert a sticky low herb with small reddish-purple flowers
  19. hard roe fish eggs or egg-filled ovary; having a grainy texture
  20. Howard Carter Englishman and Egyptologist who in 1922 discovered and excavated the tomb of Tutankhamen (1873-1939)