1. hard disc a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit
  2. hard disk a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit
  3. hard drug a narcotic that is considered relatively strong and likely to cause addiction
  4. hard tick ticks having a hard shield on the back and mouth parts that project from the head
  5. heart disease a disease of the heart
  6. hardheads a weedy perennial with tough wiry stems and purple flowers
  7. hard drive computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it
  8. hard drink an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
  9. hard-hitting characterized by or full of force and vigor
  10. hardness the quality of being difficult to do
  11. hardiness the property of being physically strong and healthy
  12. herniated disc a painful rupture of the fibrocartilage of the disc between spinal vertebrae; occurs most often in the lumbar region
  13. heartsick full of sorrow
  14. hardening the act of making something harder
  15. hard time a difficulty that can be overcome with effort
  16. Herodotus the ancient Greek known as the father of history
  17. heart attack a sudden severe instance of abnormal heart function
  18. hepatitis C a viral hepatitis clinically indistinguishable from hepatitis B but caused by a single-stranded RNA virus; usually transmitted by parenteral means (as injection of an illicit drug or blood transfusion or exposure to blood or blood products)
  19. carditis inflammation of the heart
  20. Harding 29th President of the United States