1. hypercritical inclined to judge too severely
  2. hypocritical professing feelings or virtues one does not have
  3. undemocratically in an undemocratic manner
  4. diacritical capable of distinguishing
  5. uncritical not critical
  6. paleocortical of or relating to the olfactory cortex of the cerebrum
  7. dialectical relating to reasoning by the exchange of logical arguments
  8. noncritical not critical; not at a point of abrupt change
  9. critical of a serious examination and judgment of something
  10. cyanide radical the monovalent group -CN in a chemical compound
  11. habitual criminal someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior
  12. vinyl radical a univalent chemical radical derived from ethylene
  13. antiheretical opposed to heresy
  14. neocortical of or relating to the neocortex of the cerebrum
  15. syncretical of or characterized by syncretism
  16. ethanoyl radical the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)
  17. hypocritically in a hypocritical manner
  18. syntactical of or relating to or conforming to the rules of syntax
  19. thalamocortical relating to or connecting the cortex and thalamus
  20. cacodyl radical the univalent group derived from arsine