1. hair space (printing) the narrowest of the spaces used to separate words or letters
  2. air space the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth
  3. airspace the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth
  4. aerospace the atmosphere and outer space considered as a whole
  5. hair spray toiletry consisting of a commercial preparation that is sprayed on the hair to hold it in place
  6. headspace the volume left at the top of a filled container (bottle or jar or tin) before sealing
  7. hairpiece a covering or bunch of human or artificial hair used for disguise or adornment
  8. hospice a lodging for travelers
  9. precipice a very steep cliff
  10. respect regard highly; think much of
  11. trespass enter unlawfully on someone's property
  12. workspace space allocated for your work (as in an office)
  13. horseback on the back of a horse
  14. horse race a contest of speed between horses
  15. horse-race compete in a horse race
  16. outer space any location outside the Earth's atmosphere
  17. hairy spurge much-branched hirsute weed native to northeastern North America
  18. carapace hard outer covering or case of certain organisms
  19. cyberspace a worldwide network of computer networks
  20. crawl space low space beneath a floor of a building