1. gummed label an adhesive label
  2. commutable subject to alteration or change
  3. come-at-able capable of being reached or attained
  4. great lobelia tall erect and very leafy perennial herb of eastern North America having dense spikes of blue flowers
  5. gamma globulin a plasma protein containing the immunoglobulins that are responsible for immune responses
  6. untellable defying expression or description
  7. indelible not able to be removed or erased
  8. immediately without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
  9. medal play golf scoring by total strokes taken
  10. controllable capable of being controlled
  11. candelabra branched candlestick; ornamental; has several lights
  12. limited liability the liability of a firm's owners for no more than the capital they have invested in the firm
  13. calculable capable of being calculated or estimated
  14. consolable able to be consoled
  15. coagulable capable of coagulating and becoming thick
  16. glabella a smooth prominence of the frontal bone above the eyebrows
  17. comet-like resembling a comet
  18. tillable (of farmland) capable of being farmed productively
  19. metal bar metal that is cast in the shape of a block for convenient handling
  20. comedy ballet a ballet that stresses the drama with features of comedy

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